My Butter’s Keeper

I recently made the switch back to real butter from the tub of vegetable oil, emulsifiers, colorants and artificial ingredients. I like the taste and peace of mind of eating real butter, but fighting with the stick of cold butter to spread on my bread or toast and then tearing holes in my bread was frustrating. Of course, if I remembered to set it out to soften before using it, the butter spreads smoothly. Problem was I might need it now! Or maybe I forgot to set out to soften. Problem solved, I discovered the Butter Keeper Crock!


I use the marble design one only because I like the looks of it, and it happens to match an utensil holder I got as a gift from my mother-in-law. This has become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It really is a simple but clever invention that keeps butter cool, fresh, soft, and sweet for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Did you know before refrigeration, butter crocks were essential for keeping butter fresh?


You simply pack in one stick of softened butter into the lid/holder and press firmly. Pour cold water into the base of the crock just enough to cover bottom (approximately 1/3 cup).  Add a little salt to water to enhance the preservation of the butter (optional). Place lid/holder upside down into the crock. It really works and keeps butter soft. It also works with cream cheese too.


Now, I have soft and ready to spread butter when I’m ready to use it. Sometimes the simplest of kitchen gadgets can make cooking just a little easier and more enjoyable.
You can find our Butter Bells in our shops below:
(Note: Currently not available)

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  1. Loribeth says:

    I use a butter bell too! I love it and so does my husband. We did find out this summer (new house, no a/c) that when the temperature gets above 75F that the butter falls out of the bell into the water. We tried everything we could think of to stop it from happening, but nothing worked. Now that the temp is back under 75F, the butter is staying in the bell and out of the water.


    1. Hello Loribeth,

      Yes, I know what you mean. We are building and we didn’t have the proper a/c at first and everything on my pantry shelf seem to struggle in the Texas heat including the butter in my Butter Bell. So I know exactly what you experienced with the butter in the heat. I use my Butter Bell more in the cooler months anyway cause that’s when I bring out the biscuits, butter and jam, etc….YUM! But my Butter Bell does keep butter in place now too with the proper a/c in the kitchen. I do enjoy having butter ready to spread! Butter Bells are great!


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