A Tour of Our Shop From the Past

Our brick and mortar shop was located in Nassau Bay, Texas directly across the street from NASA. Yes, we met a lot of people from NASA and became pretty good friends with some good folks. We went to several homes of astronauts to collect consignment pieces for our shop. This was a fun and interesting location.
We fell in love with the tudor style shopping center and we really liked the looks of this store front. The building was very old and had a lot of history.
We carried a large variety of items from antique and vintage furniture, home decor, jewelry, handbags, collectibles and all of the same in gently used. We also carried a small amount of new retail items that mixed well into our shop. Our photos below will explain better of what items we carried and how our store was arranged.
We sold lots and lots of wall decor. It was one of our top sellers especially the vintage and antique pieces. 
We had a jewelry section that was a big hit. Women would try on jewelry sometimes for an hour or more. It was a fun section of our little shop.
We consigned some great pieces of furniture. It was hard not to purchase a lot of these great pieces for my own house. Hehe….I didn’t always have the will power not to buy. I have a few pieces of furniture from our shop that I just couldn’t resist.
My husband had his own small section of collectibles like sports memorabilia, vintage&antique tools, and other interesting man cave type treasures.  It was perfect place for customers to find unique man gifts.
This is just a small taste of what our store was like. It was a very interesting and fun time that did sometimes come with a bit of stress as always when you own your own business.
Some of our Saturday date nights would be ordering Chinese or pizza to be delivered at closing time, changing the music from oldies to our favorite music playlist and staying up at our shop until 3 am or sometimes all night to rearrange, refresh and clean the store to give it a fresh new look every month or so. We had so much fun on those nights even though we would be extremely tired the next day! So on that Sunday we would just relax and nap by our pool all day with our dogs, sometimes our kids would join us and we would order Chinese or pizza again. Not too shabby for a day off I guess.
We still have a lot of our great inventory that will be showing up for purchasing as we continue to organize and stock all those items here at our online shops. Find all our shops here.
Hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with us! You can read more about us on our About page.

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