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Have you been thinking about starting a collection of vintage or antiques for a hobby? Collecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby. The hunt for that vintage and/or antique treasure is thrilling especially when you find that perfect piece.

Going in search of these treasures will take you to places you’ve never been, to little towns you’ve never thought about visiting, discovering new areas in your own town or finding great vintage and antique shops right on the internet. When I go searching on the internet for that rare piece to add to my collection, it gives me a fun day of adventure when venturing out on foot or by car isn’t possible plus you can visit shops from all over the world much cheaper and faster when traveling by internet.

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When displaying your collection it doesn’t necessarily have to sit on a shelf or be put behind glass, get creative with how you display your treasures.

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A collection doesn’t have to be all the exact same object. It can be a variety of different pieces that complement each other to create a interesting collage.

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Another way to display is to turn a collection into fun art. Give someone a one-of-a-kind piece from your collection.

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Start searching for your vintage and antique collection in one of our online shops and let your creative side flow with ideas. Our Ebay Shop and Etsy Shop.

Happy Treasure Hunting! 

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