Why People Buy Vintage

The interest in vintage clothing, jewelry and housewares has soared in recent years with more and more people wearing vintage and working vintage pieces into their everyday wardrobes and home decor. The hunt for the perfect piece is thrilling to those who love vintage. Like a fine wine, vintage jewelry, clothing, housewares and decor is regarded as something of high quality that becomes even more valuable with age.

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For most people, vintage is something to love and to cherish. Antiques and vintage are a key to past times with every piece having it’s own history and every vintage garment particular the older pieces have a beautiful romanticism about them, quite often we won’t know the history of each vintage treasure, but it is easy to be swept away to past times by imagining who last wore that elegant necklace and to what dinner party or special event. I can't help but imagine all the delicious casseroles that might have been baked in an old vintage Pyrex dish.

What We Collect

My husband and I together enjoy collecting antique and vintage hotel silver pieces. We also collect other fun pieces from old hotels like menus, hotel keys or anything that gives us that excitement of the perfect found treasure. My husband also collects old bottles of all kinds like soda bottles, milk bottles or any he just finds interesting plus antique tools. My own collection is vintage sterling silver jewelry and dishware. However, sometimes we find a great vintage or antique treasure that we just find fascinating that doesn't necessarily go with a collection. 

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Buying vintage or antiques can either be to start or add to a collection, because you are an individual with a unique style, you appreciate a one-of-a-kind or just because it's a piece you simply get excited about having in your home or wearing.

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